Research Center History

  After Lise Munk′s death in 1998, Jean Monnet Professor, Dr. Søren Dosenrode wanted to collect and acquire Kaj Munk′s archive and establish a research center. He set up a board and a support group. After several years of negotiation with Kaj Munk′s heirs and the Kaj Munk Forfatterrettigheder Aps. (a private limited company holding the copyrights of Kaj Munk), Søren Dosenrode was offered the archive for the price of DKK 1,5 million (about 200,000 Euro). The board contacted several political parties about the establishment of a Kaj Munk Research Center. This resulted in an appropriation of DKK 7 million (about 940,000 Euro) from the Danish Parliament in January 2005. This amount was granted to Aalborg University for the purchase of the archive and the establishment of a research center. 

After the purchase of the archive was completed, the archive was transported to Aalborg University in May 2005. Work at the Research Center started in June 2005, and the Research Center was officially inaugurated on August 29, 2005. The president of the Danish Parliament, Mr. Christian Mejdahl, honoured the Center by giving the main speech. He was joined by the president of Aalborg University, Professor Finn Kjærsdam; the head of the Department of Communication and Psychology, Associate Professor Christian Jantzen, and the mayor of Aalborg, Henning G. Jensen. 

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